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Pisces, the Fish, Characteristics & Personality

Sagittarius Zodiac

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune I

House: Twelfth

Mode: Mutable

As a mutable-waters sign, Pisces is less able to establish fixed, rigid ways of viewing the world. It doesn't easily define reality in concrete terms. The Fishes are subject to much change in their perceptions depending on the flow of life's continuous currents. Mutable water is very open and responsive to the hidden emotions of others, especially their unspoken sorrows. Pisces' sensitive feelers quietly reach out in all directions to detect subtle undertows in people. Indeed, receptivity is highly pronounced, yet Pisces doesn't suffer the petulant moodiness common to cardinal Cancer, nor the dark brooding of fixed Scorpio.

If anything, it feels weighed down and deeply saddened by the inhumanity that occurs throughout the world. A soul-weary depression can result, as the Fishes naturally empathize with victims everywhere- and not always those of the human kind. However, Pisces also identifies with saints, mystics, gurus, and other cosmic light-bearers who try to redeem humanity's soul and lift our spirit to otherworldly dimensions.

There is a strong tendency to mediumship among the Pisces people, and therein is a danger greater than any other on earth. No one should "sit for development" and degenerate into the tool of low spirits, but Pisces people in particular are "lost" if taken control of. They cannot free themselves, either in this life or the next, because generally inert and devoid of willpower. They are timid, and even the mean are tearful on the slightest provocation; they love leisure more than comfort, and do no work which is not absolutely necessary to keep body and soul together. They love change of scene, rove about considerably, generally in an aimless manner. Being fond of good things to eat and drink, particularly the latter, and lacking will to curb their appetite when afflicted, they frequently indulge their craving to such an extent that they become habitual drunkards.

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