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Aquarius Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Aquarius

Aquarius Erogenous Zones: From the Calves till the Ankles

Sex Turn-Ons: Whisper "I love how wacky...sexy your are" into your Aquarian lover's ear," because there's nothing that turns them on more than overt adoration! Your enthusiastic enjoyment of their eccentric personality will put them right in the mood for lovemaking. Follow that up with uninhibited foreplay (then some more foreplay), a little bed-wrestling and maybe a dip into the toy drawer, and you'll keep the home fires burning for the Water Bearer, who likes to keep score. If you really wanna fan the flames, leave your Aquarian a lusty phone message, or send an R-rated email as a prelude to some X-rated phone sex when the time is right.

Hot Keywords: Aquarius Lover

  • dominant females, executives
  • passive seduction
  • extended foreplay
  • mind control
  • begging
  • cheating
  • tattoos, piercings
  • costumes, masks

Sexual positions for Aquaruis: His attitude towards sex is rather intellectual. Aquarius may be carried away by foreplay, so that his partner even can achieve orgasm without penetration. While you gradually get excited, his actions become more ingenious and more persistent. The best position for him is a swimming like one, where he can lie on his back with his partner on top, her legs along his body. In this position she can control the pace, where she can more easily reach orgasm giving a gentle clitoral stimulation. His partner may also variegate the positioning of the legs, moving them apart and together. Though some of his experimentation may seem quite exotic, this Zodiac sign won't ever make you feel the boredom.

A suitable partner: Gemini, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Sex Tips: All the poses that allow touching these zones will prolong his pleasure. They are receptive to a slight caress.

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