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Aries Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Aries

Aries Erogenous Zones: The Head and the Face.

Sex Turn-Ons: This sign has a weakness for athletic builds, spontaneous pleasure and taking the lead when it comes to seducing you into some instant gratification or a marathon session of healthy bedroom sport. Climb a mountain with an Aries and suggest that you make love at the top. Challenge them to a race in the pool - with a quickie in the deep end if they out-stroke you. Rough-house a little after a run and then have your Aries chase you into some sweaty, salty sex before you both jump into the shower together. Compliment them on their great moves, and the two of you will always be a team.

Hot keywords:Aries Lover

  • lithe bodies
  • athletes, dancers, body builders
  • body scents
  • teasing
  • one-night stands
  • experimentation and marathon session
  • nudism
  • making love outdoors

Sexual positions for Aries: Hot-blooded and demanding, powerful and sexy, Aries got used to be a leader in the bedroom. First, try to read out some steamy love scene and share your intimate desires, though you won't need to wait long. Aries is most probably ready for more. He will lay you on the back and kneel in front of you to be in full control of the situation, moving and pushing forcefully with the rhythm of his partner body. Aries adores when his lover scratches and bites his ears, screaming in ecstasy.

A Suitable Sex Partner: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

Sex Tips: Aries are more sensitive when you stroke his forehead and temples. They adore if you are playing with their hair: combing and running through his hair with your fingers. Aries women like kissing with the bristled or bearded men. A light graze of their lips will make the sensations just great. Outdoor sex gives Aries people the chance to be a bit of an exhibitionist, and you adore giving them oral sex when they are on the phone, or in the car.

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