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Cancer Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Cancer

Cancer Erogenous Zones: The Breasts

Sex Turn-Ons: Touch their heart, body and mind with reassuring hugs, kisses and cuddles that arouse their sensitive sexual sensibilities. Impassion them with lust-worthy sweet talk like "I think about you all the time," and affirmations of your heartfelt attraction to their body and soul. Cancer can't separate sex and love, and they are turned on by a powerful partner. So stir in something experimental with playful hanky spanky or a teacher-student, doctor-patient fantasy act. Hold them captive in your little love den by wrapping your wrist to theirs with a long, soft scarf, repeating softly, "I'll never let you go," as you make the kind of sweet love that finds you both collapsing intertwined hours after the lights have gone out.

Hot Keywords:Cancer Lover

  • tall, strong women and men
  • kissing, cuddling, spooning
  • hotel rooms
  • showers, bathing
  • blindfolds
  • swinging and one-night stands
  • nudism

Sexual positions for Cancer: The Lotus sex position is almost cut out of Cancer. When he is sitting cross-legged, his partner wraps his legs around his body. You will be moving in beat with slow and strong thrusting. In this position he can caress her buttocks and breasts and have the better embrace so that to feel his partner completely. If he is not quite aroused, try oral petting. Cancer is not shy to tell you all his fantasies and will fulfill your sexual dreams in its turn. Sex is where both partners should trust each other - that is Cancer's motto. When you find mutual understanding, you may be sure to experience multiple orgasms with Cancer. He can be easily aroused by watching your excitement so think over a mirror ceiling.

A suitable partner: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces

Sex Tips: Men as well as women are especially receptive to French kisses. And still the breast is one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Their reaction will be pungent when you use oral and manual stimulation of their nipples. Careful tingles can increase the pleasure.

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