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Leo Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Leo

Leo Erogenous Zones: The Back

Sex Turn-Ons: Plan a ceremonial evening for this lover who likes nothing better than an all-out show of your adoration and appreciation. Turned on by old fashioned loving desire, the kind that black and white romantic movies of the past are made of - Leos devour natural, vanilla, pleasing seduction. They like nothing better than the royal treatment as they lie in wait for nature to take over. Seduce them with large flattering words: "You are extraordinarily fabulous in those silk pajamas, tonight. Do you have any idea how massively exciting you are to me? Bring them champagne and dessert in bed. Spoon feed their first few bites, and lick their lips for dribbles. Touch them passionately, scratch their back, massage their head - then let them make their moves.

Hot Keywords: Leo Lover

  • dark skin
  • innocence
  • massage
  • touching, fondling, passionate kissing
  • natural beauty
  • scratching, biting
  • fresh scents
  • outdoor encounters
  • mind control

Sexual positions for Leo: The rear entry position is a favorite for Leo, who adores showing off even in the bedroom. Deep penetration, when woman kneels and he is thrusting behind her and caressing her breasts, stroking her buttocks and teasing her clitoris can take you both on a high of erotic satisfaction. Hold on tightly, this sex position is not meant for a slow start. Besides, Leo is a vigorous lover and he won't hesitate to grasp you and bring you to a stormy orgasm. Leo also likes petting being dressed up. The most exciting for him is the process of love making rather than the result. Leo is quite straightforward when it comes to talking about sex and he will expect the same from his partner.

A suitable partner: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Sex Tips: You can start the main performance in the bathroom. When you slightly rub his back with a sponge, he turns into a fluffy tomcat. Being on the peak of pleasure you may scratch his back. Do not forget about erotic massage with scented oil.

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