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Pisces Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Pisces

Pisces Erogenous Zones: The Feet

Sex Turn-Ons: A little gift and dose of flattery does wonders with dreamy Pisces, who spends a lot of time imagining their sexual forays. Extend your fish's interest and excitement by being a bit indecisive about moving onto more physical activities. Then, once you've revved up their libido, sexy music or an erotic movie playing in the background can help set up a long, slow, lust-charged evening. Sexy lingerie, a little striptease, or a pole dance are always on their list of desires. And if you don't feel fit enough to take on the task, worry not! This is one sign that goes for a partner with a little meat on their bones.

Hot Keywords: Pisces Lover

  • aggressive, older women; younger men
  • gothic beauty, delicate features
  • role reversal
  • feet, shoes
  • gifts, surprises
  • strangers
  • artists, poets, creatives
  • tenderness, massages
  • flattery and pillow talk

Sexual positions for Pisces: Pisces are charming by nature. Their intuition can prompt them how to find his or her most sensitive parts. You may caress each other in a spoon sex position, where your bodies will fit each other in close contact. Lying on the sides, your Pisces man will penetrate from behind when you may easily relax and enjoy lazy and gentle lovemaking. He will stroke your body, and whisper delicate words while revealing to his partner all the pleasure he can experience with such a tender lover. Don't be surprised if he will offer you to take a submissive part in your intimate play.

A suitable partner: Libra, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Sex Tips: They react when you begin a soft massage, fondling their heels and feet tenderly. With you fingertips or a feather smoothly touch the feet, going round and biting a little and this will give them the most desired pleasure.

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