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Scorpio Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Scorpio

Scorpio Erogenous Zones: The Sex Organs

Sex Turn-Ons: Ready whenever you are, you can heighten this lusty sign's experience by putting a bit of mystery into your evening plans. Call your Scorpio at work, tell them to meet you at a local hotel and have a room number ready. Or blindfold them at your front door dressed in something seductively black (and leathery), then lead them into your mirror-filled boudoir, leaving everything else to their own imagination. Scorpios have a great appreciation for the perfect booty, so keep yours up with some extra squats and leg lifts at the gym.

Hot Keywords: Scorpio Lover

  • salt-of-the-earth types
  • innocence
  • sweat, body odor
  • teasing, tickling, biting, fighting
  • mind games
  • latex, leather, rubber
  • mirrors
  • strangers and anonymity
  • masks and blindfolds

Sexual positions for Scorpio: Hot-tempered Scorpio can the most insatiable lover among all Zodiac signs. His temperament is best revealed in Reverse Amazon position. He will lay his partner on his back and sit on the top facing his partner from behind. In this position his lover can stimulate his genitals while the top will be sliding along his body with breasts. Give in to Scorpio desires, he can just wear you out changing from oral stimulation to deep penetration. When he starts sexual play he likes to bite and pinch, enjoying your moaning and twisting about in pain and satisfaction. Scorpio can offer you bondage play, restraining you to the bed and playing with sensory devices. It's better to stop, if you are not sure about his intentions, because once you are in his bed there is no way to escape from his charms.

A suitable partner: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Sex Tips: You should not be ingenious to find the most sensitive Scorpions zones. The slight stroke of his penis can drive him wild. And nothing can turn him on more than oral petting.

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