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Taurus Romance, Relationship & Sexual Compatibility

Sex Secrets of the Taurus

Taurus Erogenous Zones : The Neck

Sex Turn-Ons: Taurus likes sex almost as much as they enjoy the pleasures of receiving an expensive gift. So, put your earthy lover in the mood with a little gift of bling. Sign the card, "This is to thank you for the wonderful time we're about to have…" and let the magic unfold. Reach out and touch your tactically responsive Taurus with the kind of long, slow, sleepy foreplay that leads them to a big charge of ultimate satisfaction. Put cuddles, caressing and a sensual massage in the mix and you'll have your Taurus panting for more. Make sure the surroundings are cushy and comfy and your earthy partner will return your favors with a smile.

Hot Keywords: Taurus Lover

  • round, solid bodies
  • epic foreplay
  • gymnasts, dancers, swimmers’ builds
  • body worship and deep massages
  • exhibitionism and teasing
  • cuddling, caressing
  • wining and dining
  • silk and satin

Sexual positions for Taurus: Taurus is very sensual and may easily subdue to your whims. Lying down on the back he will ask his partner to stand behind and massage his back. While he mounts her from the back, caressing her shoulders, breasts and belly. Taurus will penetrate you slowly, changing from deep slow penetration to increasing the speed and intensity of such movements. He doesn't like to be hasty, you must be sure your Taurus will be slugging, savouring each stroke. Once he has trusted himself, he will give in to love making. He knows how to please and his partner's body is an endless exploration of sensitive spots.

A suitable partner: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Sex Tips: Slow arousal, and plenty of foreplay are more important to Taurus lover than fast penetration. Taurus love submissive sex and erotic pillow talk. He/She prefer luxurious surroundings, and smoochy evenings of slow seduction, and adore wearing sexy lingerie when he/she gives you oral sex.

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