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Love profile of Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is the most dramatic and passionate sign of the Zodiac. They are lovers of life, and somewhat theatrical in beahvior. Glamorous, dramatic, and expensive looking! As they are very passionate and demand a lot of attention, they need a partner who is demonstrative in love and affection. Because of their ability to dramatize emotion, people with this position of Venus make good actors and actresses. They have great vitality, expressing their love playfully and generously. They will court you in a grand way, ignoring the world around you as they make you the center of their attention. They have a fundamental need to be the center of attention, and to dominate your emotional life. It is most important for the Leo Venus person to feel appreciated in order to feel loved, so he/she needs to be made much of and treated as very special.

Thriving on romantic gestures, and dramatic displays of affection, passion and drama, are an integral part of love for Venus in Leo. When Venus in Leo feels loved and appreciated, they reward you with loyalty, a big sense of fun, and plenty of physical expressions of their love. They are actually very generous with their resources, always showering their loved ones with gifts. But be sure, they give gifts the way a king or queen gives gifts to loyal subjects. They have a great love of life, together with strong and enduring passions; and being in love enhances their self-esteem. To them, each love affair is a grand passion, the most important thing in their life; and they will give their love wholeheartedly. Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman, Whitney Houston, and Tom Cruise have Venus in Leo, as did Michael Jackson.

How to Love Venus in Leo ?

venus in leo


Pleasing Venus in Leo involves paying loads of attention to them. Make them the center of your attention at all times. Don’t you dare look at another person when they’re near you. The Venus in Leo lover must come first in your life, before family, before everything. So put your Leo lover on a pedestal and don’t take your eyes off them. They also enjoy receiving gifts; after all, they’ve already showered you with gifts. Try to make a habit of buying something for them everywhere you go, even if a small souvenir. If you go to a bookstore, buy them a bookmark; if you go the grocery store, buy them a card. They really take that to heart. They’re not picky with gifts, they just like to receive anything. They know it’s the thought that counts, and they want to know that you’ve been thinking about them everywhere. Praise your Venus in Leo lover when you talk to other people. Let them decide where to go on a date, and let them pay too.

Female: The Venus in Leo lady is a high-maintenance drama queen. She’s not afraid of making loud scenes in public places because you smiled at the waitress. Women with this planetary position see herself as heroine in Gothic, romance novels. She want to be courted in high style, and treated like a queen by her lovers. Strong-willed and individualistic, she is usually the dominant partner in any relationship. She is a generous, though potentially selfish, lover. Love for her is something that must be playful, passionate and courtly. She attract with ardent expressions of romantic interest which Other finds irresistible; by radiantly bestowing upon Other all manner of gifts and favours; and with a style, beauty of sense of fun that makes Other feel very privileged and proud to be with her, especially in company.

Male: Venus in Leo man want a stable, committed and loving partnership, complete with children and a beautiful home that is his castle. The Venus in Leo man is turned on by proud women decked out in jewelry, polished nails, and lots of accessories. He doesn’t mind if a woman has plastic surgery or other cosmetic enhancements. He is intense, and his responses are spontaneous and impulsive. But he is aware, sensitive, knowing, and capable of appreciating fully the physical aspects of life: eating, loving, drinking, sleeping, waking, walking, basking in the sun. These naturally warm-hearted and fun-loving people crave the excitement of pleasure, gaiety and romance, and want their lives to be significant and dramatic. Yet they can be sincere and fixed in their loyalties, generous to an extreme, and insistent on sharing their good fortune with others.

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