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Love profile of Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo - Venus in Virgo is a modest, shy lover. They express love by being helpful, serving you, and criticizing you. While they are humble, they are also conscientious. They feel it absolutely necessary to call out your mistakes when they catch them. This will happen often since they have an extremely high attention for detail. Venus in Virgo is endowed with exceptional analytical skills. But remember, that is how they show that they love you. If they stop criticizing, they have stopped caring. Self-improvement is the goal for Venus in Virgo. They strive to be perfect in every area of their life, but particularly in the areas of health, diet, and work ethics. When one loves you, they add you to their self-improvement check-list. Virgo is one of the most helpful signs in the zodiac. Your Virgo lover will not simply tell you that you need to do more cardio exercise; they will wake up at 5am to jog with you every morning. They will not just tell you that your home is a mess; they will clean it for you.

For a Virgo, serving others actually provides them emotional satisfaction. They do it because it makes them feel good. In bed with a Virgo lover, prepare to be analyzed and pleased from head to toe. They will take their time exploring every nook and cranny on your body until they find your “spot.” This is a thorough lover. Most problems with a Virgo lover can be worked out if you talk with them since they are always up for self-improvement. Venus in Virgo can suffer through a long, lonely time without a partner simply because they find too many flaws with each prospect. Some Virgos are seriously waiting for a perfect person. Virgo is a mutable sign, and it’s difficult to pin them down. They don’t begin relationships with just anybody. If a Venus in Virgo loves you, either you have perfect qualities that they admire, or you are so screwed up that it has become their mission to fix you. Some celebrities with Venus in Virgo include John Lennon, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts and Robert de Niro.

How to Love Venus in Virgo ?

Venus in Virgo


To make your Virgo lover feel loved, make them feel useful to you. They need to feel useful to feel good about themselves. Pleasing Venus in Virgo involves showing you appreciate them for all the little things they do -- and they do a lot. Let them help you with everything, whether its homework, housework, running errands, etc. Appreciate their self-improvement plan for your life. But more than appreciation, they want to see tangible results that their advice is working on you. They will feel loved if you’re all excited about their advice. Go vegetarian, go vegan, cut out caffeine, sign up for a fitness class, do whatever they advise you to do. Let your Virgo lover know that they are already as close to perfect as a human can be. Accept their criticism they way you would accept it from a grandparent, knowing that they love you and mean it for your own good. Don’t be harsh with them; they will back down and you may lose them. Be kind and try to be as perfect as possible. Your Virgo lover will only be comfortable with you if you are logical, practical, and super clean. Make your decisions using logic. For fun, play analytical puzzle games. They love exercising their minds by analyzing things. Don’t eat meals in your car, do carry around sanitizer, keep your kitchen spotless, always wear a bib, that kind of thing. Whatever you do, don’t take advantage of these helpful, serving souls. You will be rewarded with a near-perfect lover who is also a mentor and a best friend for life.

Female: The Venus in Virgo lady always looks smart, and as near perfect as one can be. She is quite sensitive in love, even insecure - and this reserved, loner-like quality is part of her appeal. She prefer to play it safe in her relationships, and she need to be confident that you like her before she make a move. Venus in Virgo woman is often extremely romantic, and yearns for perfection in the one she loves. Women with this Venus placement in their birth charts pride themselves on being neat, well-organized, efficient and dependable. Being able to take care of the many details of life makes you feel good about yourself as a woman.

Male: The Venus in Virgo male is turned on by clean, hygienic, nerdy women. He prefers modest, humble, nice girls, but he can also get turned on by a bad girl in a “school girl” outfit with glasses. Men with Venus in Virgo are most attracted to women who are unassuming, unpretentious, even a little shy. Neatness is more important to you than beauty in a partner, and you're turned off instantly by unkempt hair and dirty fingernails. Your ideal partner is conscientious, dependable, intelligent, modest and practical

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